When I started my photog journey I WISH there was people offering mentorships. I also searched high and love for Alberta photography mentorship and came up with nothing!


If you are looking for our workshop check our site for Summer Slumber. Our retreat in May is sold out and we have a few spots left for September! If you can't make that one then join us in Arizona in September!


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I learned a lot of things the hard way. So I am VERY EXCITED to be offering mentoring. These sessions are COMPLETELY tailored to you. I'll send you a questionnaire before the mentorship and see what things you want to work on.

Resources for photographers





Online mentorship


Perfect for anyone out side of Edmonton or Kamloops


60 minutes

face time/phone chat

To go over anything you have questions about. This 60 minutes can be completely tailored to your questions and what you wish to learn.











In person mentorship

Everything you get in the online mentorship over wine or coffee.



++A real life couple or boudoir model to shoot for 60 minutes. This is hands on shooting and learning.


You can choose if you want your mentorship geared towards boudoir or weddings/couples.


Includes professional makeup for our model





This one is my fav

You get all the good stuff in I/II



I shoot you. Again this mentor session can be geared towards boudoir or weddings. Which means this can be you and boo or a boudoir session.

Because its my favourite its a WICKED DEAL its your own personal workshop + your own shoot

Professional makeup for yourself is included.

4 hours of hands on in person learning.



There is no better way to put yourself in your clients shoes other than

LITERALLY get your butt on the other side of the camera

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I did one of the best things for my business and self confidence by doing a boudoir mentorship session with Brina. I got to shoot alongside her while she explained how she photographed women to make them look their best. It was so awesome getting a different perspective, and she was so informative the entire time. And being on the other side of the camera was AMAZING. She made me feel so comfortable and we laughed and the images came out incredible, not that I had any fears that they wouldn't. Brina's coaching has followed me into every boudoir session I shoot, and it has elevated my skills immensely. I'll be coming back for another boudoir shoot soon!

- Shelby Veridian Photography


I did a boudoir mentorship with Brina a few months ago and MY GOODNESS! I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I was really wanting to amp up my boudoir skills but just did't know how. Brina taught me so many good tips and posing techniques. Right after our mentorship I booked my highest package ever!

- Kayla



I hired Brina for a wedding mentorship because I was so stuck. I just felt drained and like I was running in circles. She showed me so many shortcuts I could be using. I was terrified to start blogging but Brina made it so simple. She showed me some apps she uses to stream her workflow and now I am SO MUCH FASTER. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge!