Hey there, I'm Brina, and this is my husband Tanner.

He is my biggest supporter and right hand man for all things business. You might see him shooting along side me, renovating my studio, building me props, or cooking up a storm at Summer Slumber Retreat .

I am a wedding photographer based out of Edmonton Alberta. More importantly I'm a rad human with big dreams who loves dill flavoured anything, vanilla cola and sweatpants. When I am not busy working on my business you can find me planing my next big trip. I am a wanderer of 39 countries, and love nothing more than getting lost in a new place.

Which comes in handy if you are planning on running off and eloping somewhere magical.

I am mostly known for my craftiness, fun party games and big heart. I love serving the world by giving back, I think the world can aways use a little more kindness. Starting with ourselves. I photograph people who wear their heart on their sleeve and are down for an adventure.

Let me show you what I see!

Meet Nicole. Nicole is one of our main photographers and videographers! I was so sad to get inquiry after inquiry when I was already booked, so I decided to expand!

Nicole is an amazing wedding photographer who I have had the pleasure of working with on over 30 weddings. However running a business, editing and answering emails is not how she likes to spend her days. She is a wifey, a mom of three little ones and family comes first. At the end of the day there was not enough time left to be running a business.

Having Nicole come and shoot for us gives her the best of both worlds. She still gets to shoot and film weddings, but she does not have to do the editing or nitty gritty that goes along with it. She shoots your wedding, gives all the cards to me and she goes home and cuddles her kiddos.

The editing and communication is all done by me to keep everything consistent.

Hey hey Nicole here! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to create still moments in time, between humans who's souls are on fire for one another. I am a sucker for love and cannot wait to capture your big day!

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